About INgene blog : First ever Indian Youth trend Insights blog

About INgene : First ever Indian Youth trend Insights blog:
This blog explores the detailed characteristics of Young-India and explains the finer & crucial differences they have with their global peers. The blog also establishes the theory of “adopted differentiation” (Copyright Kaustav SG,2007) and how the Indian & Inglodian youth are using this as a tool to differentiate themselves from the “aam aadmi” (mass population of India) to establish their new found identity.

The term youth refers to persons who are no longer children and not yet adults. Used colloquially, however the term generally refers to a broader, more ambiguous field of reference- from the physically adolescent to those in their late twenties.
Though superficially the youth all over the world exhibits similar [degree of] attitude, [traits of] interests & [deliverance of] opinion but a detailed observation reveals the finer differential characteristics which are crucial and often ignored while targeting this group as a valued consumer base. India is one of the youngest countries in the world with 60% of its population less then 24 years of age and is charted as the most prospective destination for the retail investment in the A. T. Kearney’s Global Retail Opportunity Report, 2007. With the first ever non-socialistic generation’s thriving aspiration & new found money power combined with steadily growing GDP, bubbling IT industry and increasing list of confident young entrepreneurs, the scenario appears very lucrative for the global and local retailers to target the “Youngisthan” (young-India). But, the secret remains in the understanding of the finer AIOs of this generation. The Indian youth segment roughly estimates close to 250million (between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five) and can be broadly divided (socio-psychologically) into three categories: the Bharatiyas, the Indians & the Inglodians (copyright Kaustav SG 2008). The Bharatiyas estimating 67% of the young population lives in the rural (R1, R2 to R4 SEC) areas with least influence of globalization, high traditional values. They are least economically privileged, most family oriented Bollywood influenced generation. The Indians constitute 31.5% (A, B,C, D & E SEC) and have moderate global influence. They are well aware of the global trends but rooted to the Indian family values, customs and ethos. The Inglodians are basically the creamy layers (A1,A SEC) and marginal (1.5% or roughly three million) in number though they are strongly growing (70% growth rate). Inglodians are affluent and consume most of the trendy & luxury items. They are internet savvy & the believers of global-village (a place where there is no difference between east & west, developing & developed countries etc.), highly influenced by the western music, food, fashion & culture yet Indian at heart.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

celebs are encashing on "anna phenomenon"!

Celebrities Cashing in on Anna Hazare

Brand Anna has gone beyond corruption; marketers have begun dismantling the components of Anna Hazare's successful sway over India in what is now acclaimed as the biggest online and offline public campaign India has ever seen.

Many have already jumped the gun, and latched on to Annagiri to promote subjects Anna Hazare might not endorse, or even be aware of.

Arindam Chaudhary: Ramlila Maidan, Day 11

Celebrities Cashing in on Anna Hazare

IIPM thought beyond the Nobel, and created the Rabindranath Tagore Peace Prize. Even after Anna Hazare rejected the one crore rupee prize this year for undisclosed reasons, Arindam Chaudhary somehow got on the stage on Day 11 of Anna's protest. With Mahatma Gandhi's giant poster and his sequel listening on, he ranted about murdering "some two hundred million people of our country before the age of 40…" so that we can live till 80.

This, from the founder of an institute which sued Google(!) for unfavorable results, sued a media house for an unfavorable article and just lost a defamation case against a website after the court quashed the case.

Sankalp Srivastava: 'Anna Chalisa'

Celebrities Cashing in on Anna Hazare

Anna Chalisa, a five minute track was written, composed and sung by him, and Sankalp even distributed free CDs to support India Against Corruption.

Unlike Arindam's rant on the Ramlila Maidan, Sankalp Srivastava's Anna Chalisa could be a genuine case of Anna-holism.

But Sankalp's background as an event manager makes this suspect; free giveaways are an old marketing gimmick. The poor are always poor, the protesters are always protesting - where was Sankalp when we needed him then?

Sanjay Leela Bhansali: My Friend Anna

There's a lot of Bollywood regulars on the social activism scene. Rahul Bose was quietly lending a hand in the rubble of the Indian tsunami, and even owns an NGO.

Shabani Azmi has done a lot of children and women's rights, the rights of displaced migrants.She' also the Goodwill Ambassador of the UNPF as well as for the HIV/AIDS programmes for SAARC region. Gul Panag works actively for Col. Shamsher Singh Foundation and Gul 4 Change to work for gender equality, addiction awareness, education and employment, environment and disaster management.

Celebrities Cashing in on Anna Hazare

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has never been seen doing anything - even light a candle at the fashionable vigils. And now he's distributing 'My Friend Anna' T shirts to blatantly promote his upcoming My Friend Pinto.

KRK, Salina Wali Khan, Yoggitta Dandekar: Stripping for Anna Hazare

Celebrities Cashing in on Anna Hazare

Kamaal Rashid Khan tweeted his willingness to strip at Ramlila Maidan. In his own embarrassing words: "bhai logon maine kapde nikal diye hain. barish ho rahi hai na. Ramleela maidan mai nanga baithoonga.(sic)." (Brothers, I have taken off my clothes. It's raining. I will sit naked at Ramlila Maidan)

Ditto for Yuvraaj Parashar (seen in 'Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyon' )..'I will strip for Anna. He is like a God to me,' says Yuvraaj "I am totally inspired by Anna Hazare. Woh humein batana chahte hain ki humein apne haq ke liye ladna chahiye. And this is why I am giving my support to his cause, totally."

Marathi actress Yoggitta Dandekar's willing to do a Poonam Pandey; she's ready to run topless in a marathon if Anna wins, or so she claims. She's already painted her body in the tricolor to support to "pledge support" to Anna Hazare's cause.

Salina Wali Khan is willing to do the opposite. The Delhi-based actor and model has claimed that she will dance naked if Anna's Jan-Lokpal Bill is not passed.

Amusingly, she also stated: 'My decision is not for gaining publicity. I am not like other models who make controversial claims for grabbing eyeballs. I am not doing it to be famous but for the common people."

Federation of Indian Animals Protection Organisation: Donkey Rights

In a letter to Anna Hazare, the organization wrote of India's 1.6 million donkeys, used as "objects to mock at corrupt officials…"instead of being treated as the "innocent, hard working animals who truly bear the burden of the world"

The donkeys, FIAPO wrote, "were undoubtedly terrified and confused…" and "had no vote in the matter", requesting Anna to ask his followers to not use donkeys as symbols of corrupt politicans

DJ Jenni: Stripping Against the Casting Couch

Celebrities Cashing in on Anna Hazare


"We need an Anna Hazare in film and music to curb this menace… ", says Jenny D, talking about the "open secret" of the casting couch in Bollywood and Indian music industry.

Mumbai based DJ, Jenni Costa has launched a Facebook campaign called

'Fight the Casting Couch', and has received support from Citizen Action Forum.

Celebrities Cashing in on Anna Hazare

According to her: "Has anyone wondered why there are so many female singers and musicians, but hardly any female Music Directors in the film industry? The reason is simple - the Casting Couch. I myself have been a victim of this nasty phenomenon, and I had to face humiliation in the past. I know a lot of girls who just give in because they have almost no other option…"

However, apart from regular posts from Page Admin to invite others, there is nothing actually happening on the Facebook Page. There's a post about 'Ten Bollywood Models' who will strip nude to support the cause, but no one knows how they are. Another Poonam Pandey?

Source: http://www.mensxp.com/

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