About INgene blog : First ever Indian Youth trend Insights blog

About INgene : First ever Indian Youth trend Insights blog:
This blog explores the detailed characteristics of Young-India and explains the finer & crucial differences they have with their global peers. The blog also establishes the theory of “adopted differentiation” (Copyright Kaustav SG,2007) and how the Indian & Inglodian youth are using this as a tool to differentiate themselves from the “aam aadmi” (mass population of India) to establish their new found identity.

The term youth refers to persons who are no longer children and not yet adults. Used colloquially, however the term generally refers to a broader, more ambiguous field of reference- from the physically adolescent to those in their late twenties.
Though superficially the youth all over the world exhibits similar [degree of] attitude, [traits of] interests & [deliverance of] opinion but a detailed observation reveals the finer differential characteristics which are crucial and often ignored while targeting this group as a valued consumer base. India is one of the youngest countries in the world with 60% of its population less then 24 years of age and is charted as the most prospective destination for the retail investment in the A. T. Kearney’s Global Retail Opportunity Report, 2007. With the first ever non-socialistic generation’s thriving aspiration & new found money power combined with steadily growing GDP, bubbling IT industry and increasing list of confident young entrepreneurs, the scenario appears very lucrative for the global and local retailers to target the “Youngisthan” (young-India). But, the secret remains in the understanding of the finer AIOs of this generation. The Indian youth segment roughly estimates close to 250million (between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five) and can be broadly divided (socio-psychologically) into three categories: the Bharatiyas, the Indians & the Inglodians (copyright Kaustav SG 2008). The Bharatiyas estimating 67% of the young population lives in the rural (R1, R2 to R4 SEC) areas with least influence of globalization, high traditional values. They are least economically privileged, most family oriented Bollywood influenced generation. The Indians constitute 31.5% (A, B,C, D & E SEC) and have moderate global influence. They are well aware of the global trends but rooted to the Indian family values, customs and ethos. The Inglodians are basically the creamy layers (A1,A SEC) and marginal (1.5% or roughly three million) in number though they are strongly growing (70% growth rate). Inglodians are affluent and consume most of the trendy & luxury items. They are internet savvy & the believers of global-village (a place where there is no difference between east & west, developing & developed countries etc.), highly influenced by the western music, food, fashion & culture yet Indian at heart.

Friday, February 6, 2009

youth in Pune- A report


Pune is one city with a large figure of youth population, almost 65% to its credit. Yes, the highest in India. Not only this, it is growing everyday with a number of malls building up in and around the city at prime locations, the same goes for restaurants, lounges, five star hotels, B-schools and universities amongst others . Why not if big constructors and groups like the Hiranadanis, the Kashyaps, KSL, SGS, Rahejas are based in mumbai, why will they not spread the same charm to the city closest to their native Mumbai? More obvious when one market is saturated.. we move to saturate another and then yet another. No, don’t doubt, Pune isn’t saturated yet. You’ll get a lot of air and space for your entrepreneurship venture and still get the “metro” feeling.
What? That’s what a college going wants!!!!A city with too many choices for a date.. the best of eating joints.. too many malls and high streets from the J.M . Road to Koregaon Park to Kalyani nagar.. Whats with names if the girl gets a designer wear for Saturdays at economical rates coz of other girls who got into short term fashion designing courses, opening small boutiques for a test drive- if any of the ten “Symbiosisez” in the city was not enough for them, or rather if they realised earlier what they had to do or what was it that they could do better. Hmmm..you can say that girls in pune are either studying or not studying, working or they are not working.. none waits idle. As far as the guys go, for that extra heavy pocket to impress the girls they do part time jobs, just like any other metro..get into call centres or selling for private brands like Levi’s , Lee, Pepe, Nike, Adidas ,Puma, Lacoste etc found very prominently in the city.
There is a very famous phrase , that they use in Indian Context.. “pati ke dil ka rasta uske pet se hota hai”.. I opine that the scenario has changed now.. I would like to put it like this.. “patni ke pet ka rasta bhi uske pet se hota hai” .. Keeping aside the humour, youngsters in pune love to eat out.. from “kuku de paranthe” to the “sanjeev kapoor’s”..you find it all there.( Girls love to eat too!!! Whats with the “figure thing”!! I doubt its existence in pune.. yet you’ll find sleeks and slims..I’ll tell you the secret here. Don’t under-eat and don’t over-eat. The extra calories anyway get exhausted in the part time work a pune youngster does.) The best of lounges.. And if this were not enough,there are umpteen number of places to party, just too many; more so because even the mumbaikar couple turns upto pune at weekends.. First there is this extravagant mumbai-pune highway- a 3 hour long drive, I assure you, you would love it, and then the not so expensive weekend like Mumbai. To add to the charm, there is this all the year round, “I will not leave you alone” weather, not chilling.. not hot.. just the way a youngster wants it, or anyone for that matter.
To sum up, you’ll simply love Pune’s weather, food and weekends. No one cooks there on Fridays and Saturdays. All , Mind you , I mean “all” when I say all, restaurants are queued up at weekends and if you do not have a prior booking, you better plan something else or come early and wait for a couple of hours , if waiting doesn’t bother you much. But even waiting is worth it, for sure.
That’s all that is required for a localite to love pune and a student from outside to come in and love it. I should not forget to mention , here, that , though a youngster dreams it real big, but this happiness that he/she gets in parts.. enjoying every moment.. every day.. gives the motivation to inspire, admire and achieve.

Article by INgene team member Vibhuti (copyright to Vibhuti and INgene)

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esha said...

Hi Vibhuti,

I am looking for some data on the number of young girls specifically between the ages of 18-25 years in Pune. This is needed for a fashion magazine I am working on as part of my college project. Any idea where I can get these numbers from? Any kind of help would be appreciated.