About INgene blog : First ever Indian Youth trend Insights blog

About INgene : First ever Indian Youth trend Insights blog:
This blog explores the detailed characteristics of Young-India and explains the finer & crucial differences they have with their global peers. The blog also establishes the theory of “adopted differentiation” (Copyright Kaustav SG,2007) and how the Indian & Inglodian youth are using this as a tool to differentiate themselves from the “aam aadmi” (mass population of India) to establish their new found identity.

The term youth refers to persons who are no longer children and not yet adults. Used colloquially, however the term generally refers to a broader, more ambiguous field of reference- from the physically adolescent to those in their late twenties.
Though superficially the youth all over the world exhibits similar [degree of] attitude, [traits of] interests & [deliverance of] opinion but a detailed observation reveals the finer differential characteristics which are crucial and often ignored while targeting this group as a valued consumer base. India is one of the youngest countries in the world with 60% of its population less then 24 years of age and is charted as the most prospective destination for the retail investment in the A. T. Kearney’s Global Retail Opportunity Report, 2007. With the first ever non-socialistic generation’s thriving aspiration & new found money power combined with steadily growing GDP, bubbling IT industry and increasing list of confident young entrepreneurs, the scenario appears very lucrative for the global and local retailers to target the “Youngisthan” (young-India). But, the secret remains in the understanding of the finer AIOs of this generation. The Indian youth segment roughly estimates close to 250million (between the ages of fifteen and twenty-five) and can be broadly divided (socio-psychologically) into three categories: the Bharatiyas, the Indians & the Inglodians (copyright Kaustav SG 2008). The Bharatiyas estimating 67% of the young population lives in the rural (R1, R2 to R4 SEC) areas with least influence of globalization, high traditional values. They are least economically privileged, most family oriented Bollywood influenced generation. The Indians constitute 31.5% (A, B,C, D & E SEC) and have moderate global influence. They are well aware of the global trends but rooted to the Indian family values, customs and ethos. The Inglodians are basically the creamy layers (A1,A SEC) and marginal (1.5% or roughly three million) in number though they are strongly growing (70% growth rate). Inglodians are affluent and consume most of the trendy & luxury items. They are internet savvy & the believers of global-village (a place where there is no difference between east & west, developing & developed countries etc.), highly influenced by the western music, food, fashion & culture yet Indian at heart.

Friday, May 22, 2009

"pretty young thing?"

As earlier stated in this blog, Rahul is becoming popular figure among young adults in India…he is publicized (a propaganda) as the “future prime minister”! and the “charismatic young blood” in Indian politics…a field dominated by the wrinkled skin, silver hair oldies who’s being considered as the money minting demons by the young Indians… "Khadi aur Khaki loot liya desh ko..." (Khadi/ politicians and Khaki/ cops has destroyed the country) comments one youth. (INgene)
Always popular among girls, Rahul Gandhi is, at the moment, the hottest property for Delhi's pretty young things. And the guys are taking notice of the fact. For youngsters of both sexes, Rahul defines the ideal male. What makes the quiet Gandhi so hot? For Swasti Pachauri, a 25-year-old HR consultant, it's a combination of many things: "He is charismatic, dynamic and he wants to reform India. Who wouldn't want to be with someone like him?".The third phase of the five-phased Indian general elections is being held Thursday. For 22-year-old content writer Priya Sharma, Rahul exemplifies the boy next door despite his famous name. 'From his body language to the way he addresses people. Every guy should pick up a thing or two from him. And, of course, he's amazingly cute!' Priya says with a giggle. In photo: India's ruling Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi, greets the crowd during an election rally at Anantnag, some 50 kilometers (31 miles) south of Srinagar, India, Monday, April 27, 2009. Deepika Nagpal, a young journalist, finds Rahul's sincerity most attractive. 'Whatever he says, he says from the heart. He is not like anybody else in politics. See how he had the courage to praise his opponents during the campaign. Such characteristics in a man would certainly appeal to me,' says Deepika, who has been in love with Rahul since she was eight years old! 'I also like the fact that he is not over-groomed - his kurta is crushed, his collar sometimes looks limp, but he carries it all so well. And yes, his dimples are terribly sexy.'

In photo:Congress party General Secretary Rahul Gandhi waves to the crowd at an election campaign rally in Buxar, about 180 kilometers (112 miles) from Patna, India, Wednesday, April 1, 2009.
(AP Photo/Mustafa Quraishi)

Source: http://in.news.yahoo.com/photos/slideshow/rahul-gandhi-is-hot.html

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